y’all gonna get airshow spammed

been warned

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  • You can really tell that the pilots who flew today just love doing it, performing for the crowds. The Sea King pilot today was just mucking about as one of the crew was on the winch winding down, and he began to elevate the aircraft higher into the air, leaving the crewman just dangling in the same spot

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  • Expect a few unedited snaps later tonight once I’ve sifted through them all

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  • Think I died and went to Aviation Heaven today seeing both of the last remaining flight worthy Avro Lancasters today, and the other one may well not be coming back to the UK again and also seeing the Avro Vulcan XH558

    She’s absolutely beautiful

    Fuck yes! The Vulcan was forced to undergo a no fly yesterday due to weather conditions and has been rescheduled for today. So happy :D